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You cross a pea plant with purple flowers to a plant with white flowers.

.) You cross a pea plant with purple flowers to a plant with white flowers. The resulting offspring have a

mixture of purple and white flowers. What were the possible genotypes of the parents if the purple allele is dominant (B) and the white allele is recessive (b)? (Hint: draw Punnett squares).

Parent 1: Bb, Parent 2: BB

Parent 1: BB, Parent 2: bb

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Parent 1: bb, Parent 2: bb

Parent 1: Bb, Parent 2: bb

2.) Consider a diploid organism. What is the phenotypic ratio expected to be observed in the offspring produced by two homozygous recessive parents?

0 dominant: 1 recessive

1 dominant: 1 recessive

2 dominant : 1 recessive

3 dominant : 1 recessive

3.) Mendel’s law of Independent Assortment describes the independent movement of _______ into ______ during meiosis.

alleles of the same gene, gametes

alleles of different genes, gametes

alleles of different genes, the cytoplasm

alleles of the same gene, the cytoplasm

4.) Consider a plant character, leaf shape. In a tree species, it has been determined that leaf shape is controlled by a single gene segregating two alleles, and having rounded leaves is dominant to elongated leaves. 

An experiment that crossed a rounded-leaf plant with an elongated-leaf plant, both from true-breeding lines, found the following results: all F1 offspring have rounded leaves. F2 offspring, which came from selfing of F1 individuals, also all have rounded leaves.

A hypothesis suggests that the law of _______ is most likely violated in this mating. Fill in the blank.


No law was violated



5.) Two diploid individuals, one homozygous and the other heterozygous at a particular gene, make babies. Which of the following statements about the offspring genotype is correct? (Hint: draw Punnett squares)

All offspring are heterozygotes

All offspring are homozygotes

1/2 of the offspring are homozygotes and 1/2 are heterozygotes

1/4 of the offspring are homozygotes and 3/4 are heterozygotes

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