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write a reflective paper 1

-I would like you to write a reflective paper about in internship site that I was at for almost 4 months. I will provide more documents for you to write it when this gets assigned. for now, I will attach a reflective paper example of a previous intern, DO NOT COPY IT, but work with the sam structure. More attachments will be provided

– The reflective paper is an outcome of your learning logs(this will be provided). The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to:

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• set explicit goals for your work;

• monitor progress towards meeting goals;

• seek out and use feedback from others;

• evaluate your learning and performance;

• assess personal strengths and weaknesses;

• communicate clearly and professionally through writing.

– You should refer to your weekly learning logs to help you with your reflective paper. The written typed reflective paper should be 4 pages long, double spaced, include headings, 12-point Times Roman font with 1-inch margins. Using the objectives listed above as a basis for your reflection, you should answer the following questions:

• In what ways was the internship experience valuable to you?

• What specific experiences did you feel challenged you, were “stretches,” and made you grow as a professional?

• How successful were you in attaining the goals identified in your Learning Contract and/or Learning Logs? (this will be provided)

• What could you have done differently during your internship to improve the learning experience?

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