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Which of the following is true of valuations


Which of the following is true of valuations?
Which of the following is a reason for economists

typically disputing claims of economic impact made by sport organizations?

What is a benefit of using debt financing?

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The successful use of options requires correct analysis of which of the following two market functions?

Why have many sport organizations eschewed the use of options?

Assume that Billy Beane (general manager of the Oakland Athletics) has been named dean of the Business School at Southern New Hampshire University. How would he determine where to allocate resources within the business school? How would Beane value and measure prior and current contributions of faculty and students? Apply the valuation principles from Moneyball and those discussed in class to assist in your answer.

Compare the ticket options offered by the Rose Bowl committee to stock options offered to executives at major corporations. In your response, include how and when the options would be called (executed) and the benefits provided to the option holder. In what ways are the options similar? In what ways are they different? How might option sellers (leagues and sport organizations; corporations) and option buyers (consumers; executives) benefit from the use of options rather than transactions at the market price?

How is a baseball general manager similar to a financial portfolio manager? What about their jobs are similar? Consider how they approach the market and how decisions are made.

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