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week 4 discussion 1 capstone strategic busi mgmt

Week 4 Discussions 


Discussion 1: Learning Objectives for Competing Domestically and Globally

Please see the Discussion instructions in Week 1, and use them as the guidelines for Weeks 2–6.

Post by Day 3 (Wednesday)
Respond by Day 6 (Saturday)

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For Week 4, Discussion 1, choose one of the following three discussion topics. Your post should be 225–250 words and APA formatted.

  1. Compare the approaches to strategizing and entering a new domestic market and a new international market.
  2. Analyze the differences between an international and a multi-local approach to market entry. 
  3. Explain the benefits of diversity to a domestic and an international firm.


Discussion and Participation Guidelines

Weekly Class Discussion Participation

Weekly discussion participation with your colleagues students and the instructor for each question occurs over a minimum of three different days. You are required to engage in discussions with a minimum of three different colleagues. To be sure you are addressing all of the Learning Objectives for the week, respond to colleagues who selected different questions than you did for their initial post. Each response should be 100–125 words. One-line responses will not earn any points.

After your initial post, engage with colleagues and the instructor in clarifying and mastering any concepts not fully understood. Points to explore in the first discussion topic could include:

  • How is the concept(s) used in your current or past place of employment and/or career?
  • How does the concept(s) relate to other concepts in the Learning Objectives?
  • Why is it important for you to know and master these concept(s)?

Required Resources

  • Thompson, A. A. (2014–2015). Strategy: Core concepts and analytical approaches(3rd ed.) [BSG electronic edition]. Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill Education.
    • Chapter 7, “Strategies for Competing Internationally or Globally” (pp. 132–152)
    • Chapter 8, “Diversification Strategies” (pp. 154–179)

Business Strategy Game (BSG) Simulation website:

  • Thompson, A. A., Jr., Reidenback, M. A., Stappenbeck, G. J., Harms, C. C., & Thrasher, I. F. (2014). The Business Strategy Game: Competing in a global marketplace. Retrieved from

    Visit this website to read Chapters 7 and 8 of the e-book course text and to continue your progress in the Business Strategy Game. This simulation provides opportunities for you to make some of the difficult decisions often encountered by managers as they seek to execute the strategy that has been established by senior executives who are responsible to the shareholders.

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