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Using internet sources and findings from any of the following…on the Auto Supply Chain

Using internet sources and findings from any of the following…on the Auto Supply Chain of


(1) Journal of supply chainmanagement, (2) Supply chain management – an International Journal, (3) Supply chainmanagement review, (4) Sloan Management Review, (5) Interfaces, (6) DecisionSciences, (7) Harvard Business Review, (8) Supply chain digest, (9) McKinseyQuarterly, (10) AMR Research reports, (11) Journal of Operations Management, (12)Production and Operations Management, (13) California Management Review, (13)Economist, (14) Wall Street Journal, and (15) strategy + business, (16) Economist and(17) Journals / News papers in the country of study.

I will need roughly a paragraph on each of the two subjects listed below on the Auto Supply Chain of Indonesia.

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Main models (domestic / foreign) as well as the supplier management.

Thank you!

APA format for the cites as well

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