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True False5 points QUESTION 2


 True False5 points   

Common work processes (administrative, production, design) have less than 10% value added activity.


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5 points   QUESTION 3

  1. Buying new faster equipment is a common result of implementing lean production. True False

5 points   QUESTION 4

  1. The reality map is an activity map showing what can be achieved with current constraints. True False

5 points   QUESTION 5

  1. Cleaning the facility when a customer visits is a key to maintaining a “5S” philosophy. True False

5 points   QUESTION 6

  1. A visual workplace helps eliminate waste. True False

5 points   QUESTION 7

  1. Every design decision is a business decision. True False

5 points   QUESTION 8

  1. It is important to develop quantitative, y=f(x), models during the DFSS process. True False

5 points   QUESTION 9

  1. Inspection is value added activity. True False

5 points   QUESTION 10

  1. The first prototype product should be used to verify the models used in creating the design rather than demonstrating average performance. True False

5 points   QUESTION 11

  1. Lean production generally leads to reduced inventory and longer lead times. True False

5 points   QUESTION 12

  1. Specification limits should reflect the voice of the customer. True False

5 points   QUESTION 13

  1. The first generation of six sigma focused on defect elimination. True False

5 points   QUESTION 14

  1. Six sigma draws heavily on the management philosophy of Juran and Deming. True False

5 points   QUESTION 15

  1. The PDCA cycle, a forerunner of DMAIC, is due to W. Edwards Deming. True False

5 points   QUESTION 16

  1. The sign test is used frequently with categorical data. It is a good competitor to the t-test. True False

5 points   QUESTION 17

  1. The odds ratio in logistic regression is similar to the magnitude of a factor effect. True False

5 points   QUESTION 18

  1. One of the key factors in six sigma success is financial systems integration. True False

5 points   QUESTION 19

  1. The sign test cannot be used with paired data. True False

5 points   QUESTION 20

  1. Designed experiments are relatively unimportant during the define and improve stages. True False
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