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I am needing some help with the Java code on my final project. It looks as if I have everything in place, but I am getting one error when running the program. I am just trying to solve the error and be done. Thanks

The part of the code that I am having trouble with is found here
//create array based on credentials.txt
final int NUM_ELEMENTS = 6;
String[] storedUsername = new String[NUM_ELEMENTS];
String[] role = new String[NUM_ELEMENTS];
String[] hashPassword = new String[NUM_ELEMENTS];
String username = “”;
String password = “”;
String hash = “”;
userRoles userInput = new userRoles();
String userRole = “”;
int i = 0; //loop variable
int j = 0; //loop variable
int user = 0;
boolean verified = false;

specifically, this part 

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