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Thomas Kuhn’s book “The structure of Scientific Revolutions” is something that issurrounded my different opinions, debates, and controversy since the day it was published.

Thomas Kuhn’s book “The structure of Scientific Revolutions” is something that issurrounded my different opinions, debates, and controversy since the day it was published. Thisbook change the way we think of science. His concepts and the way he connects history,philosophy and science together, gives a better understanding on what scientist do in order toachieve greatest discoveries. This book was a revolution to the world of science, because it helpgive a new shape in a modern way to what the policies in science used to be. This book alsochange my mind and the concept I used to have about the relationship science has with natureand society.The books is set up like a timeline where Kuhn explains how science was split into threephases. The first phase being a pre-paradigm, the second being normal, and finally therevolutionary phase. The primary phase, it explains how groups of scientist work together inorder to create theories about their observations. They would create a hypothesis displayingcause and effect and also they would organize a set up to execute their hypothesis and begin astudy about it. Then when scientist are studying a specific area, and they agree on what they aredoing, they move on to normal science. Normal science is basically a research based on pastscientific achievements. Normal science is just how scientist work in a laboratory experimentingwith a settle paradigm. A paradigm is just a term that is used to describe how the world works, insomeone else point of view. When the paradigm begins to show anomalies, and challenges, thatis when scientist go into the revolutionary phase.The revolutionary phase according to Kuhn is based on what paradigm should stay andwhich one should disappeared. This means that is a war between two paradigms fighting forwhich one should be the dominate paradigm. The battle is between which paradigms have themost clear interpretation and understanding of the world. Both paradigms interpretations aredifferent from each other. It is impossible to hold both paradigms in your mind as once, sinceparadigms are separate from each other. The revolutionary phase of science ends when oneparadigm wins the battle and becomes the dominate one. When this phase ends, they wouldalways return to the normal science phase.There are some points from the book which I do think Kuhn had an assertion and thereshould not be a debate about them. Kuhn claims that science should be taking with respect andconsideration and that is should me the most reliable source when it comes to create knowledgeand comprehend the world better. Kuhn also explains that scientist deserve to be recognize as thepeople whose only objective is to find the truth. Another point which I do agree with is thatscience is run by the people who use logic, facts, and rationality to find the truth. The reasonKuhn used the term paradigm, was just to develop something that could give an explanation towhy the phases of revolutionary science do not occur in a specific time, but instead occur atcritical times. The main purpose of this paper is to be able to understand Kuhn’s concept ofprogress in science, explain Kuhn’s conclusion that science is not progress and understand whata paradigm shift means as well as how it relates to the concepts of progress in scienc

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