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the ethics of artificial intelligence 2

read the description of the Eliza program at the bottom of this question. Is it ethical to make people think they are talking to another person when they are not? Does it make a difference if they find the program to be helpful? Would you mind if a Help facility for some software you were using was a machine instead of a person? Have you ever been embarrassed when you thought you were talking to a person but later found out you were not? (For example, have you ever started to respond on the phone only to realize you were listening to an answering machine?)

<code>import javax.swing.*;<br>public class Eliza<br>{<br> public static void main(String[] args)<br> {<br> String user;<br> String msg = "";<br> String msg1 = "Tell me more about your ";<br> String msg2 = "You seem to have strong feelings about that";<br> String msg3 = "Please go on";<br> String msg4 = "Tell me more";<br> String msg5 = "Continue";<br> int random;<br> int length;<br> int x, y;<br> int stopWord;<br> final String END = "Goodbye";<br> boolean foundMy = false, foundLove = false, foundHate = false;<br> user = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,<br> "Hello. I am Eliza, your tharapist. Tell me what" +<br> "nis troubling you. Any time you want to quit," +<br> "njust type "Goodbye"""");<br> while(!user.equalsIgnoreCase(END))<br> {<br> user = user.toLowerCase();<br> length = user.length();<br> foundMy = false;<br> for(x = 0; x < length - 3; ++x) // If ""my"" is at end of sentence

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