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The cash records of Sandhill Company show the following. />For July:


The cash records of Sandhill Company show the following. />For July:
1.The June 30 bank reconciliation indicated that deposits in transit total $ 640. During July, the general ledger account Cash shows deposits of $ 17,550, but the bank statement indicates that only $ 15,860 in deposits were received during the month.2.The June 30 bank reconciliation also reported outstanding checks of $ 900. During the month of July, Sandhill Companybooks show that $ 19,150 of checks were issued, yet the bank statement showed that $ 16,680 of checks cleared the bank in July.
For September:
3.In September, deposits per bank statement totaled $ 26,180, deposits per books were $ 25,590, and deposits in transit at September 30 were $ 2,640.4.In September, cash disbursements per books were $ 23,710, checks clearing the bank were $ 25,000, and outstanding checks at September 30 were $ 2,060.

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