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sofitel hotel marketing communication strategy project


This project builds on your previous work in your Brand Analysis papers. You will be evaluating the brand’s marketing communications methods and creating a few of your own.

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Please follow the specific instructions below. Use the subject headings below as your headings, but do not copy and paste the instructions. Use MLA format and in-text citations.

Existing Marketing Communications

Describe all of the different marketing communications methods that your brand uses currently. For each method, provide details and examples, and identify the type (advertising, direct response, sales promotion, online marketing, event/experience marketing, mobile marketing).

New Marketing Communications

Create three new marketing communications methods as described below, to round out the brand’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy.

1.Experience Marketing: Design an experience marketing campaign for your brand. (Review Chapter 5 for ideas.) Describe it in detail. Also identify the target market, and explain what your brand resonance goal is for the target market (Chapter 3).

2.Secondary Brand Association: Design/create a new secondary brand association. (Review Chapter 7 for ideas.) I’m not giving you a budget limit, so be bold! Describe it in detail, and explain how you will communicate the association to your customers. Also identify the target market, and explain what your brand resonance goal is.

3.Your Choice: Design/create another marketing communication method for your brand. Identify the type (advertising, sales promotion, or one of the others). Describe it in detail, and explain why your idea is a strong addition to the company’s IMC and how it will build brand equity. Also identify the target market, and explain what your brand resonance goal is.

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