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social science criminal justice 300 min peer reviewed 2005 or newer video

The video below must be watched and then 300+ words must be used to answer this question below.  Please use at least cite one PEER reveiwed source to give it some merit.  Also a reverse view of the video for 150 words I can use later on a DB rebutall



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ABC News PrimeTime Live Driving while Black (1 of 2)
Duration: (10:02)

User: elpablo69 –
Added: 1/1/08



Since we just left the topic of over-generalization and it is fresh in everyone’s mind,  there was an article entitled “Driving While Black” and this ABC video dating back to 1996. (yeah I know it’s a little dated but possibly still relevant today)  It discusses racial profiling of drivers and studies that were conducted back in the 1990’s.  Due to various lawsuits and legislation that has been passed over the years, do you think this type of behavior still exists in many cities today or are police officers now more educated and therefore, more sensitive to people they encounter that violate the laws?  Also have you ever encountered discrimination in discretion by law enforcement who may have stopped you for a traffic violation?  Your thoughts this week.

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