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Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites
In a survey of 2255  randomly selected US adults (age 18 or

older), 1787 of them use the Internet regularly. Of the Internet users,  1054 use a social networking site.1 Find a 95% confidence interval for each of the following proportions.

(a) Proportion of US adults who use the Internet regularly.

Round your answers to three decimal places.

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The 95% confidence interval is ______ to _______

 (b) Proportion of US adult Internet users who use a social networking site.

Round your answers to three decimal places.

The 95%  confidence interval is ________ to _______

(c) Proportion of all US adults who use a social networking site.

Round your answers to three decimal places.

The  95% confidence interval is ______ to ______


Use the confidence interval to estimate whether it is plausible to estimate that  50% of all US adults now use a social networking site.

yes or no



1Hampton, K., Goulet, L., Rainie, L., and Purcell, K., ”Social Networking Sites and Our Lives,” Pew Research Center, June 16, 2011.

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