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Type of paper: Essay
Paper details: Using the Broken Spears and one other primary source document of your choice(14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, OR 14.5 in Strayer) compare how these two separate accounts depict expansion or consolidation of power in empires between 1450-1750.

You must make a strong argumentative and comparative claim about the two primary sources. This should serve as a thesis statement that your paper should set out to prove. In other words, you must analyze the primary source documents and use them as evidence throughout your paper. You may NOT use any sources in addition the secondary source information presented in Strayer and in the Broken Spears document. The essay needs to be well written, address the prompt, have a short introductory paragraph, argumentative thesis statement, and be well organized into paragraphs with clear topic sentences.

Paper format: MLA 
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