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Reading Essay Topic #4 Instructions:


Reading Essay Topic #4 Instructions: Creativity in Teams (60 pts) Be sure you have read all of the

assigned readings for the week and viewed any lectures / presentations included in the Week Four course content.

Prompt #1:  Creativity Self Assessment:  There are many interesting websites about enhancing creativity.  Here’s one that offers up some creativity enhancement tools: Take a moment to review the website and take the “How Creative Are You” survey (a 3-minute self quiz, with about 16 questions), accessible from the middle of the “Creativity Tools” page.

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 As you worked through the self-assessment (via the website links noted above) and viewed your results, what was your score? Why do you think you were given that score? And what specific ideas come to mind that would enhance your creativity in the workplace (or in your personal life)? (10 pts)

Explore the internet (or any other resources you may have) for creativity enhancing tools / techniques. Based on your explorations and experience, what are some of your favorite creativity enhancing tools / techniques? (Be sure to provide at least a paragraph here, with specifics—as if you are giving a short “How To” presentation. A general answer will not be sufficient.) (20 pts)

(Insert response here)

Prompt #2:  Consider a problem, opportunity, issue, or circumstance that you currently have. Now consider the various approaches to creativity discussed in Chapter 9 of your MTT text (or consider a creativity enhancing tool you are already familiar with or discovered when responding to Prompt #4 above). Apply your chosen tool(s) / techniques(s) to your issue at hand. Summarize the issue, tool(s) used, approach / process, and results. Be specific here;

          1) Clearly describe the situation; (10 pts)

2) Discuss your experience experimenting with your tool(s) of interest; and (10 pts)

3) Discuss your results and perceptions regarding the process. (And use specific in-text citations, as always.) (10 pts)

(Insert response here)

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