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Reading Essay Topic #2 InstructionsEffective Integration


Reading Essay Topic #2 InstructionsEffective Integration – Within and Across Teams (55 pts)Prior

to attempting this essay topic, be sure you have read all of the assigned readings for the week and viewed any lectures / presentations included in the Week Two course content.

When completing essay topics, please copy / paste the individual prompts into the body of your thread / posting, and then respond meaningfully and completely to the prompts.

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Prompt #1: What three key elements form the internal dynamics of a team? Why do you think managers often tend to overlook internal dynamics when team-building? What are some of the consequences of neglecting internal dynamics in a team?
(Refer to Chapter 4 in the MTT text) (10 pts)

(insert response here)

Prompt #2: Contrast the concepts of “multidisciplinary” and “interdisciplinary” based on the changes that went on at Boeing Aircraft. What degree of task interdependence do you believe best represents the Boeing 777 development team? Why? What are the various effects of different levels of interdependence on teamwork and team design? (Refer to the first video clip, Chapter 4 in the MTT text, and this week’s supplementary readings) (10 pts)

(insert response here)

Prompt #3: How does each of the five types of teams listed in Chapter 10 (Exhibit 10-1) manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? Which type do you believe best describes Boeing’s 777 design / build team? Why? (10 pts)

(Refer to the first video clip, and Chapter 10 in the MTT text.)

(insert response here)

Prompt #4: After reviewing this week’s readings in your MTT text (Chapters 4, 5, and 10), select / discuss two concepts from each chapter that you can relate to the Manhattan Project team. Given the three types of teams described in Chapter 4 (tactical, problem-solving, and creative), what sets or blends of skills do you think would be most effective for each type of team task? (10 pts)

(Refer to the second video clip, and Chapters 4, 5, and 10 in the MTT text.)

(insert response here)

Prompt #5: What are the behavioral differences between cohesive teams and teams that are not cohesive? What are some of the ways that leaders can help teams build cohesion within their work groups? (Refer to Chapter 5 in the MTT text.) (5 pts)

(insert response here)

Prompt #6: Drawing on Condit’s comments and the MMT text (ch 10) content regarding cross-team integration, discuss multiteam opportunities, challenges and possible solutions. Also comment on the idea of boundary spanning. Now consider the entire list of common roles for team members (in Exhibit 10-2). Which of these roles are you most comfortable with, given your own team experiences? Why? (10 pts)
(Refer to video clip #3, and Chapter 10 in the MTT text.)

(insert response here)

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