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Read the following process description and Fll-in the blanks.All answers in relation totime should be given in hours.

Read the following process description and Fll-in the blanks.All answers in relation totime should be given in hours. Answers must be numeric only (do not enter units ofmeasurement or words). If an answer is a whole number no decimals are needed. ±or anydecimal answers round to 2 decimal places (example 0.3333333333 would be 0.33).Before X-ray System: At a Dental O²ce, patients come in at the rate of 25 per hour and, onaverage, are processed at the same rate. Patients wait in a queue till they are called up tothe counter for registration. After registration, patients are taken to a room where they areassigned a chair where they wait till a hygienist is ready to see them. Once a hygienist seesthe patient, they identify them as a routine cleaning or they identify a problem where adentist is needed to perform major treatments. On average, it is found that there are 25patients waiting for registration and another 25 waiting to be seen by a hygienist.Based on the above determine the following:I =[a]R =[b]On average, how long do patients spend waiting in the dental o²ce? Use the informationdetailed in the above paragraph only.[c]X-ray System Added: A study has determined that 70% of the patients simply require aroutine cleaning. A new x-ray system allows separation of the dental rooms into twotreatment areas, one for routine cleanings and another for major treatments. A dentalassistant sees a patient after registration, x-rays them, and assigns the patient to one of thetwo tracks. Patients for routine cleaning are seen by a hygienist who either cleans their teethand releases them or determines that the dental assistant has made a mistake and thepatient really needs major treatment. In this case the patient is moved to the majortreatment track. Patients for major treatment are seen by a hygienist who either gets adentist for further treatment or determines they really are routine cleanings and releasesthem. It is determined, using the x-ray system, that there are, on average, 25 people waitingto be registered, 5 waiting to be seen by the dental assistant for x-ray, 9 waiting to be seenby a hygienist in the major treatment area, and 7 waiting to be seen by a hygienist in theroutine cleaning area. On average, 70% of the patients are classiFed by the dental assistantas needing routine cleanings. Note: All answers are asking for the wait time either beforebeing cleaned or having major treatment because no activity times are listed in the aboveanalysis. Use only the bu³ers described to determine your answers.Identify throughput, inventory, and ´ow time at each stage of the new process including thex-ray system.ActivityInventory (I)Throughput(R)Flowtime (T)Registration[d][e][f]X-ray[g][h][i]Major Treatment[j][k][l]Routine Cleaning[m][n][o](b) On average, how long do patients that have major treatment spend waiting in the dentalo²ce after the introduction of the x-ray system (use both paragraphs)? Assume the dentalassistant makes no mistakes in identifying a patient as needing routine cleaning or majortreatment.[p]

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