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questions to answer for exam about rococo period

Rococo is an interesting style designation because both Louis XV and NeoPalladian are considered Rococo. What are the differences in these interior styles?

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French society in the 18th century was characterized by an imbalance. Who had the power? Who did not?

What is your favorite Rococo motif? Why?

Chinoiserie Motifs is my favorite Rococo motif. i like the most because it combines two styles western and Chinese. however, what draws me the most is the Chinese patterns nature, plants, and birds drawn on the furniture.

What was the Grand Tour and how did it influence English architecture and interior design of the 18th century?

Discuss the importance of Thomas Chippendale with regards to furniture. What are the three major design styles found in his works? Describe their major characteristics.

American architects, designers, and furniture makers were quick to adopt European designs and styles in their works.

Give two examples (furniture, architecture or interior) and explain how American designers adapted European styling or design to suit the needs or tastes of the New World.

Why was The Gentleman And Cabinetmaker’s Director important?

Who were the Whigs? How did they influence architecture?

How did tea-drinking influence furniture design in the 18th century?

Discuss the style and importance of Strawberry Hill.

Card playing was a popular pastime in the 18th century. How did furniture designers respond to this popular trend?

Batwing Pulls are characteristic of what furniture style?

What style is this chair? Early Georgian Chair.jpg

Queen Anne Chair.jpg What style is this chair?

Windsor Chair.jpgWhat style is this chair?

Wing Chair.jpgWhat kind of chair is this?

Wiliam Kent.jpg

Who designed this interior? What was his intention with this design?

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