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Query operators


Hi, I need help with SQL. I have some errors every time I try run the code. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment



Query operators A sqi—‘i—4.sq1 file has been created and opened for you. Write the following SQL statement 1. Select all the records from the : ‘lnasic__inFo_ table
Where birthdays are less or equal to 2016 Get the records only ‘rfthe id is between 1 and 5
Order by id in a descending order Complement your SQL’ S’EL’ECT ‘ understanding by writing
the following statements in the sq’1—1’—’8.sq_l ‘file: 1.
2. 3. Use the directory database Select all the co-panyjtot’ilesi records where
conpany_na_l_e is equal to Lore! _Ipsu_l Institute or_ Et
LLP :; Finally, select only the id _and ‘phonngum’ attributes
from the table and get the records
where the _id ‘ is between 40 and 60 A sql—‘I—9.5q1 ‘file has been created and opened for you. Write the following query in the _sqi—1—9.5q1 ‘file {write each task in a new line}: 1.
2. Use the; directory database Display the available tables . Select all the records from the colpany_profi1e5 ‘table that match the id: 2? Select only the id and phone_num columns ofthe table and sort them by Ed in
ascending order Select only the id and company_name columns from
the3 company_pr_of:_iles where the id is greater or equal
to 40. lJmit the results to 5 rows.

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