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Project Academic Integrity Statement

Project Academic Integrity Statement

I understand that this is an individual, not a team, project; that I am expected to do my own work on the project. I may discuss project requirements in general terms with others, but I am not permitted to collaborate with anyone or copy anyone’s work, manually or electronically, in full or in part.

I also understand that I am not permitted to supply anyone with the results of my work or to provide them with any assistance that compromises another student’s completion of the project through his or her own efforts.

If I have any questions about these requirements, I will promptly ask my instructor for clarification

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I understand that any violation of this project academic integrity statement will lead, at minimum, to a failing grade for the project.

By entering my name and student ID number below, I am attesting that I have read, understood, and will personally adhere to this project’s academic integrity statement.

Student Name:

Student ID Number:


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