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Project 2: Research Plan and Introduction

Project 2: Research Plan and Introduction

Tammy Henry

Southern New Hampshire University

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                                                                   Research Plan                                      

Research Question: How did the dropping of the atomic bomb impact international Relations after WWII?

Secondary Sources:

Viner, J. (1946). The implications of the nuclear bomb for international relations. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 90(1), 53–58. Retrieved from       

Morton, L. (1957, January). The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb. Foreign Affairs.Retrieved from:

The Historical Influence to was used the Atomic Bomb:  The historical influences that became the compelling force was President Truman’s self-interest of the United States and saving American lives, political construction during the postwar period or sparing soldiers’ lives in an invasion attempt.

Primary Sources:

Morelock, J. D. (2004, January 1). Harry Truman and the Atomic Bombing of Japan. Retrieved August 11, 2017, from

Burr, W. (2005, August 5). The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II. Retrieved August 11, 2017, from

After researching both sides as to whether the course of action Truman took was necessary or not to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is evidence that supports the first bomb on Hiroshima stating that it was necessary because we were trying to get Japan to surrender and end the war as quickly as possible.  As an understanding that no more American’s lives were taken in World War II. However, by the same token, President Harry Truman had several ways to approach the Japanese and try to convince them to terminate World War II. The massive bombing of the Japanese cities was intensifying!

My understanding of how my primary source coincides with my topic of how did the dropping of the atomic bomb impact international Relations after WWII? The dropping of the Atomic bomb did not affect the international relations as the Japanese signed a treaty (treaty of San Francisco) which led them to accept all the resolutions set forth by the United Nations Security Council. This settlement’s primary aim role to the eastern worlds like having to react to many conflicts related to the Soviet Union. It also brought a good international relationship between the Japanese and the western worlds. Because the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb, it marked the end of world war two. With many economies of the global nations destroyed by the war, worlds economic power shifted to USA and Russia. Before this, USA had adopted an isolationist policy on foreign affairs. The nation first had to change its foreign policy to interventionism to counter the influence of Russia on other countries. International relations, therefore, started to build on two opposing ideas; USA’s capitalism and Russians Communism. This pattern of relationships led to alliances. There was, therefore, an improved relation between Capitalism countries likewise to Communism countries. Secondly, the war influenced the global unity of nations under the United Nations Organization. The organization designed policies that would promote peace among nations and discourage the building of dangerous weapons by member nations.


Why did President Truman decide to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan? Japan was given an allied demand for an immediate, unconditional surrender but, defying the order. The weapon was ordered by President Harry S. Truman to get Japan to surrender and put an end to World War II. This attack left millions injured and dead.

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