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policy research and organizational analysis.

For this project, you will develop a policy research and organizational analysis. This project is divided into two parts.

♦The first one is an analysis of microeconomic and macroeconomic principles and their impact on healthcare markets, healthcare service, and organizations. The first part will require you to apply the knowledge you have gained throughout this course, as well as to research current economic environment and legislative changes to gauge the impact on the healthcare industry. Propose an organization for analysis

♦The second part will require you to apply the result of your analysis from the first part to a U.S. –based healthcare organization of your choice, as you discuss the impact of economic theories and legislative changes on the specific organization. 

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This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:

· Analyze how organizations utilize key microeconomic and macroeconomic principles to guide strategic planning and decision making in healthcare

· Differentiate between nonprofit and for-profit healthcare organizations in terms of monetary and fiscal policy

 · Analyze healthcare financial statements through the application of demand theory and market behavior

· Determine the impact of key economic legislative changes on healthcare policy

 · Analyze the relationship between economic policy and disparities in healthcare utilizing current research

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