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pick one of the four topics and answer each question to the full extent

Directions: Select one of the following questions to answer. Please identify which question you will be answering. Your response should be between 3-5 pages, appropriate font and font size, and double spaced. Make sure to answer the question which is asked and not simply provide all the information you have regarding a topic (the knowledge dump).

Select a specific government policy (example: Family and Medical leave Act, Affordable Care Act, Texas’ policy prohibiting local municipal governments from banning fracking within city limits) and argue whether the rational model, Kingdon’s policy streams, or Lindblom’s incrementalism most accurately describes the process of decision making to implement said policy. Students will need to demonstrate an understanding of the model selected.

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Describe and explain the theory of New Public Management. Students should address the differences of NPM and classical or traditional public administration theory, as well as the concept and significance of the ‘hollow state.’

Demonstrate your understanding of Tiebout’s hypothesis regarding local government services. Relate the ideas and concepts of Rational Choice theory to Tiebout’s theory of local expenditures.

Address why feminists would question traditional view of Public Administration theory. What aspects of Public Administration are feminist writers concerned with? Describe the connection between the feminist critique of Public Administration and the Post-modern critique of Public Administration.

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