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organizational behavior questions 1

 Which of the following is likely to affect the rate at which a team moves through the

 stages of team development?

 a. Diversity of team membership

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 b. Team size

 c. Task facing the team

 d. Preexisting relationships among team members

 e. All of the above


Groups that are not directly established by the organization, are not officially sanc-

 tioned by the organization, or those that may form naturally by individuals in the orga-

 nization to fill a personal or social interest or need are called

 a. informal groups.

 b. formal groups.

 c. teams.

 d. work teams.


Groups that arise out of the direct actions or structuring of an organization, are inten-

 tionally established, recognized, and/or sanctioned by the organization are called

 a. informal groups.

 b. formal groups.

 c. teams.

 d. work teams.

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