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operations management 68



Your boss has come to you and told you that the board members of your company have always been curious as to what exactly a operations manager is, and they don’t understand how it is a different job from a supply chain manager.

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You have been asked to develop a short presentation on comparing and contrasting operations management to supply chain management. 

  • Create a 6–8 slide presentation for the board members
  • Compare how operations management is similar to supply chain management
    • Consider: forecasting, scheduling, managing inventories, locating (location of) facilities
  • Describe how operations management and supply chain management are different
    • Consider: production, distribution, quality assurance
  • Include other similarities and differences that you feel are important
  • Include your speaker notes on each slide so your boss can familiarize himself with your presentation before you present it to the board members.

Speaker notes on each slide should be 125 and I need references at end of the presentation.


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