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On average, how long do patients spend waiting in the dental ofce aFter the x-raysystem is introduced?

On average, how long do patients spend waiting in the dental ofce aFter the x-raysystem is introduced? Consider both routine cleaning and major treatment patients. Assumethe dental assistant makes no mistakes in identiFying a patient as needing routine cleaningor major treatment.2.)Read the Following process description and answer the questions below.All answers inrelation to time must match the time unit provided at right of blank or in columnheading. Answers must be numeric only (do not enter units oF measurement or words). IFan answer is a whole number no decimals are needed. ±or any decimal answers round to 2decimal places (example 0.6666666666 would be 0.67).JJS is a small Fast Food outlet located in midtown Manhattan and serving mainly thecorporate clientele. JJS ’ main Fare is a Freshly prepared, customizable line oF sandwiches. Itis supplemented with an assortment oF drinks, light salads, seasonal Fruit and snacks. Therestaurant is open 10:00AM to 10:00PM, but the peak demand is during lunch hours, 11:30to 2:00PM.A customer joining the line makes a sandwich selection by consulting the billboard, markstheir selection on a customized Form, and hands the Form to one oF several assemblers whoproduce the sandwich. The customer does not wait For the sandwich to be assembled, butproceeds directly down the line to select additional items onto their tray. Next, thecustomer proceeds to pay at the cash register. ±inally, (aFter the payment is completed)they collects their prepared sandwich at a designated location.Selecting the sandwich and marking the Form takes 35 seconds. Assembling Sandwich (AS)requires 100 seconds. Selecting Additional Items (SAI) takes 60 seconds. Paying at the CashRegister (PAR) requires 30 seconds. Collecting the Prepared Sandwich (CPS) requires 10seconds. The restaurant employs 2 cashiers working the registers and 5 sandwichassemblers, and one person to disburse the prepared sandwiches.I recommend drawing a process map on scratch paper based on the above description andthen answering the below questions.a. What is the theoretical ²ow time oF the process?[a]secondsComplete the below table using the data provide in the process description:Resource PoolUnit Load (Ti)in secondsTotal SecondsResource poolcan Work (Ci)EFective Capacity(EC) sandwichesper minuteSandwich Assembler[b][c][d]Cashier[e][f][g]Sandwich Disburser[h][i][j]c. What is the capacity oF the entire process?[k]sandwiches per minuted. During rush hour, demand exceeds capacity and long lines Form. Does it make sense toadd a sandwich assembler?Enter Yes or No For your answer[l]

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