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Needing some help with the final elements of a Strategic Management project.


Needing some help with the final elements of a Strategic Management project.  The company of topic is Mizuno

Corporation (sports apparel and equipment)  

I’ve attached my project so far, and the project guidelines for reference.  

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I’m just needing the elements below and any sources used. 

  1. Strategy Execution: Building the Capability to Execute Strategy

Summarize the company’s strategic plan based on its internal resources, capabilities, and structure. Be sure to answer the following questions:

How do the company’s hiring and training practices support its strategy?

How is the company structured?

Would a different structure work to better implement the strategic plan? Why? If not, why does the current structure work?

Offer any additional changes that may help the company to deliver its strategic objectives.

  1. Strategy Execution: Managing Internal Operations

Summarize an employee’s experience within the company and its leadership. Be sure to answer the following questions:

What best practices can you derive from the company?

How has the company used information systems to better execute its strategy?

How does management motivate their teams?

Review the compensation packages of the executive team of the company.

What are the monetary and non-monetary elements of the top three executives?

Rate the company within the industry based upon its compensation packages.

What future changes in these areas do you see for the company? Offer any suggestions for change in the above areas.

  1. Strategy Execution: Leadership

Summarize your recommendations to the CEO and board of directors on how to improve strategy for your chosen company. Be sure to answer the following questions:

What will this company be doing differently in three to five years to become more competitive based on your recommendations in previous components? (“no change” is not an option)

What do you recommend the company’s leadership focus on to achieve this strategic position?

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