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Multiple Choice1.Heinberg's arguments against transgenic biotechnology include a) scientific

Multiple Choice1.Heinberg’s arguments against transgenic biotechnology include a) scientific

b) speciesism

c) TRI

d) golden rice

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2.The routes Bok lists for whistleblowers include

a) whistleblowing via a newspaper

b) whistleblowing on a documentary film

c) clear and present danger

d) resigning in protest

e) all of the above.

3.Collins-Chobanian’s environmental labels include

a) placing the burden on the consumer

b) cradle to college costs

c) an icon on the product

d) all of the above.

4.Leopold’s land pyramid includes

a) humans at the top

b) most numerous species in the middle

c) food-chain relationships

d) all of the above

e) a & c.

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