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MSN money

Using MSN money find industry average data for AT&T (ticker code T) ( telecommunications) for earnings per share, price/earnings ratio, return on equity, and net profit margin.

MSN Money instructions:

In the middle of the page, and in the box labeled “Quote Search” add the symbol of your selected company. Click on the magnifying glass

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On the top of the chart, you will see these icons:

  • Summary
  • Financials
  • Analysis
  • Options
  • Ownership
  • Company
  • History
  • Related

Click on Analysis

The following 4 icons will show up:

  • Key statistics
  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Price ratios

Click on any of the 3 icons (Growth, Profitability, and Price ratios)

You will see the different industry averages.

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