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Mohapatra’s article Global Legal Responses to Prenatal Gender Identification and Sex Selection.

Consider Mohapatra’s article Global Legal Responses to Prenatal Gender Identification and Sex Selection.
As nurses, participating in a global environment or at home with diverse populations, we may face personal challenges when dealing with cultural differences.  Patients may have cultural beliefs that impact their healthcare decision-making in opposition to our own health beliefs and values.  Culturally competent nursing care is critical to best patient outcomes.  The ability to appreciate viewpoint different from our own is an important characteristic of a culturally competent nurse. Self-reflection can be used to examine our biases, values, and personal healthcare beliefs.  Having better understanding of our own cultural beliefs can help to improve our cultural competence. 

Using the information in this article as your basis, reflect on your ability to discuss a viewpoint that is in opposition to your own. Select a cultural view, from the article, that you disagree with. Respectfully, write a two to three paragraph reflection on that view a if you supported the view (you ay need to perform additional research using peer-reviewed literature sources to create an effective argument). This reflection is not asking you to accept someone else’s viewpoint as your own, but to discuss it appropriately as if the cultural belief were your own.

Do not take a hardened stance on the subject in your writing; that is not the purpose. Simply consider another viewpoint and attempt to understand the underlying cultural significance and importance in your patient’s decision-making process.

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