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MKT113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two

MKT113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two

Natures Paw

Christian Boyce

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Southern New Hampshire University

Natures Paw’s  principle objective in the Northern New Jersey market area is to adequately present and advance organic pet food sales.  Available for purchase through general stores, Natures Paw will have a heavy emphasis on online markets.  Natures Paw is the finest and healthiest pet food supply on the market.

The introduction of this new item requires constant marketing and selling procedures.  Natures Paw will be situated in the market as the organic pet food choice that is accessible at a sensible cost.  The selling market will target both families and single shoppers around the age groups of 21 to 60 years of age.  Our targeting efforts will focus on household incomes $60,000 plus.  The reason behind the targeted groups chosen is because families, couples, and single adults regard their pets as family members as well.  Since purchasers go through five steps when looking to buy, they essentially start the buying process way before their actual purchase.  This lends to the importance of identifying a target audience.  Knowing your consumer helps in the success of sales.

The promoting efforts will join an assortment of ideas trying to make clients’ consideration for Natures Paw as the distinguishing organic pet food.  The title and the products’ label will have an initial showing of the qualities Natures Paw has to offer.  Our online sales will offer several discounts and specials that will not be sold in stores. We will offer a box of organic treats with every purchase that is made online.  Discounted specials for large quantity purchases and selections of a larger product size will be available.  Coupons on future purchases and other future products will be offered.  The more sales and specials we can offer online will create more visitors to our website.  This will allow us to keep our profit margins at a higher number.  Tech-savvy, health-conscious consumers will mostly appeal to this product line.

The Natures Paw line will provide families with pet products that they can give to their pets without worry.  Our company will keep in mind buying behavior and will allow for the development of trusting relationships with families to remove the purchasing step of checking the label on future purchases.  Health-conscious people with animals that are not just pets, but are a part of the family will rave about the various products offered.  In addition, Natures Paw will provide comfort to the homes of pets that value health and happiness no matter the cost (Armstrong & Kotler, 2015, p.130-162).


Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P. (2015).Marketing: An introduction (12thed.).Upper Saddle River,NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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