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MBA 501: Module 7 Homework

MBA 501: Module 7 Homework


Use Excel to answer the following questions. Copy and paste your Excel tables and graphs to this document and submit everything in one word file.

  1. Construct a histogram and a frequency polygon for the following data.
Class Interval Frequency
30-under 32 5
32-under 34 7
34-under 36 15
36-under 38 21
38-under 40 34
40-under 42 24
42-under 44 17
44-under 46 8
  • Are the advertising dollars spent by a company related to total sales revenue? The following data represent the advertising dollars and the sales revenues for various companies in a given industry during a recent year. Construct a scatter plot of the data from the two variables and discuss the relationship between the two variables.
Advertising (in $millions) Sales (in $millions)
4.2 155.7
1.6 87.3
6.3 135.6
2.7 99.0
10.4 168.2
7.1 136.9
5.5 101.4
8.3 158.2
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