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Leadership refers to the process of influencing and leading people in an organization


Leadership refers to the process of influencing and leading people in an organization. The leader is tasked with the responsibility of guiding and giving directions to his or her followers in a business organization (Bass, 1985). This helps the workers in the business enterprise to work towards achieving a common set goals in the business enterprise. A leader inspires and guides his or her followers to work hard and achieve the goals and objectives being pursued by a business enterprise in the market.Business leaders in a firm range from the chief executive officer, human resource officer as well as operations officer among others.

Model the way.

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This is the leadership principle that requires the leader to come up with policies that guide how the people should be treated and the way the goals of the organization should be perused. The leader is expected to create the standards of excellence and then be the first one to follow them so that the other employees can follow his examples.

One of the leadership roles I would wish to hold in the future is to be the chief executive officer of an organization. The chief executive officer is always tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of a business enterprise. He is makes and implement strategic decisions in a firm hence they are able to initiate a change in the operations of a business enterprise. As such, the CEO of a firm should have various skills to enable him or her perform their duties effectively.  I would therefore build on these skills to make me a great business leader. These skills include; leadership skills, communication skills, creativity and decision making skills.

Leadership skills.

Good communication skills. A CEO of a firm should have good communication skills to enable him or her pass information to the other workers within the business enterprise effectively. I would use the communication skills to communicate various changes in the business firm. A change in a business firm for instance should be well communicated in a business enterprise hence to do this effectively, the CEO must have good communication skills (Mumford, Campion, &Morgeson, 2007). This skill will also help the CEO coordinate and manage the other managers as well as employees in a business firm effectively.

Decision making skills. A business leader like a CEO should be decisive. This would enable him or her make quality decisions to enhance proper running of business operation s in the firm they lead. As a firm`s CEOs I would be tasked with the responsibility of making strategic decisions for a firm hence by having good decision making skills i will be able to make very efficient and effective strategic decisions.

Creativity. The CEOs as well as other leaders in a firm should be creative. By being creative, i would be able to lead the organization effectively. This will enable me to be able to innovate new ways of producing the goods and services in a business enterprise (Mumford, Campion, &Morgeson, 2007).  This will greatly give the firm a competitive edge over its rivals in the industry hence boost its performance. Creativity also enhances production of quality goods and services in a firm in an efficient and effective way.

Leadership theories.

            There are several leadership theories that I would also apply in running the business enterprise I head. One of such theories is transactional leadership theory. This theory assumes in leadership process a leader transacts a lot with his followers hence helping them work as a team towards achieving a common set goal and objective. For this leadership theory to be effective a leader rewards and motivates his workers effectively. I would therefore use it to boost the performance of the organization I head.

The other leadership theory I would apply is transformational leadership theory. This theory requires a leader to inspire and transform his followers in a business firm through their actions and charismatic personalities (Yukl, 1999). The leader should therefore act as a role model to his followers in the firm in order to motivate them as well as inspire them to work hard in the business organization. By applying this leadership theory, I would be able to boost the performance of the firm I lead significantly.


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