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A 3.13 Java example: Salary calculation with branches 3.14 Warm up: Text message abbreviation decoder (Java) [1} if a user‘s input string matches a known text message abbreviation, output the unabbreviated form, else output: Unknown. Support two
abbreviatione: LOL —— laughing out loud, and IDK — I don’t know. (3 pie} Sample input/amput". Input an abbreviation: 1.0L
laughing out loud {2) Expand to also deoode thaea abbreviations. [4 pts)
:- BFF —— beet friends forever I IMHO — in my humble opinion
a TMI — too much information E flflm 3.14.1: Warm in: Text message abbreiiation decoder [Java] TextMegAbbraviafionjava Load default template… imort java .util . Scanner; public class Texti-lsgnbbreviation {
public static void nainfiStringEI argsj m
{ _
Scanner 5c — new ScanneriSy-stemdn);’int’ln("Input an abbreviation : ‘3;
String s – sc.naxtLina(); SM’MQ’IUI-P-HJNI—I

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