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input (“(B)udget, (D)aily, or (W)eekly rental

i get an error with my script and am not sure why since i have averageWeeklyMiles = totalMiles/rentalPeriod ? it says nameError: name ‘averageDayMiles’ is not defined codio@sister-janet:~/workspace$ Here is my script in Python

import sys

#ask user for input of type of rental

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rentalCode = input (“(B)udget, (D)aily, or (W)eekly rental?”)

if rentalCode == “B” or rentalCode == “D”:

  rentalPeriod = int(input(“Number of Days Rented: “))


   rentalPeriod = int(input(“Number of Weeks Rented: “)) 

budgetCharge = 40.00

dailyCharge = 60.00

weeklyCharge = 190.00   

if rentalCode == “B”:

 #calulate charges depending on input from above

 baseCharge= rentalPeriod * 40.00

elif rentalCode == “D”:

  baseCharge= rentalPeriod * 60.00


   baseCharge= rentalPeriod * 190.00

odoStart = (input (“Starting Odometer Reading:”))

#b)   Prompt the user to input the ending odometer reading and store it as the variable odoEnd

odoEnd = int(input(“Ending Odometer Reading:”))

#ask user for milage input

print (“(B)udget, (D)aily, or (W)eekly rental?”)

print (“Number of Days Rented”)

print (“Starting Odometer Reading:”)

print (“Ending Odometer Reading:”)

#calulate miles driven

totalMiles = int(odoEnd) – int(odoStart)

#calulating of charges based on miles driven and rental type

if rentalCode == “B” :

     mileCharge = totalMiles*0.25*rentalPeriod

elif rentalCode == “D”:

   averageDayMiles = totalMiles/rentalPeriod

if averageDayMiles <=100 :

  extraMiles = 0


  extraMiles = float(averageDayMiles – 100)

  mileCharge = float(extraMiles*0.25*rentalPeriod)

  averageWeeklyMiles = totalMiles/rentalPeriod

if averageWeeklyMiles <=900:

  extraMiles = 0


 extraMiles = float(totalMiles – 900)

 mileCharge = float(extraMiles*100*rentalPeriod)

amtDue = baseCharge + mileCharge

print (“Rental Summary”)

print(“Rental Code:”+ (”  “) +(rentalCode))

print(“RentalPeriod:” + (”  “) +str(rentalPeriod))

print(“Starting Odometer:” + (”  “) +str(odoStart))

print(“Ending Odometer” + (”  “) + str(odoEnd))

print(“Miles Driven:” + (”  “) +str(totalMiles))

print(“Amount Due:” + (”  $”) +str(amtDue))

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