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importance of risk exposure

Submit a summary of the article along with your reaction to the article. The article must come from one of the listed learning objectives below. The summary should be a minimum of 1 page and your reaction should also be a minimum of 1 page.

Learning Objectives

Describe the importance of risk exposure from the perspective of a single project

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Conduct a simple sensitivity analysis and understand the results

Calculate a break-even point and understand how changes in fixed costs, variable costs, and the selling price influence the break-even point

List some of the ways probability estimates are developed in practice

Explain why total firm risk is important to some shareholders, management, other employees, customers, suppliers, present and potential competitors, and others

Explain why diversification reduces total risk

Calculate the correlation coefficient, the beta coefficient, the covariance between the firm and a proposed capital project

Describe the problems associated with the use of the mean-variance method

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