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Birth Control Options
Research the top five birth control options.  What is the pharmaceutical name, commercial name, delivery method, side effects, and suggested targeted patient.  Bring list to class for discussion.

Male Preconception
A male patient arrives for a well visit.  During the visit, he mentions his significant other is trying to get pregnant. They have been trying for a couple of months, without success.  Research male preconception plans to increase the chances of conception.  What are lifestyle and physical conditions that can effect infertility? Provide patient education for men trying to conceive.  Write a minimum one-page, general format paper on male preconception. Rubric in Doc Sharing, Worth Points.

Birth Control Consequences
Research social, religious, cultural, and geographical consequences of a patient using birth control.  For each one: identify a potential consequence for the patient and one example of how the MA will discuss the potential effect with the patient.

Presentation 1

Sexually Transmitted Disease (Presentation 4 Slides Using questions as Headers)
 1.Identify the population most at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
 2.Identify the behavioral risks for patient counseling.
 3.What are the treatment options available?
 4 Identify chronic versus acute diseases and the impact on health and lifestyle.

Power Point:  Must include the above slides, title, and reference page..  

Presentation 2

Menopause Research (Power Point Using bullets as headers)

 1.Identify the common signs and symptoms of menopause

 2.Common stages and ages of menopause

 3.Provide three treatments or holistic therapies

Include title and references page

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