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I need help with my final paper.


I need help with my final paper. I already have Milestone 1 and 2 completed that will go into the final and maybe

need a little fixing. This is the comment i got from the teacher on what to do to fix my papers into my final and i just need help with doing this please:

“When you revise for the final submission in week seven, connect transformational leadership back to the areas for improvement rather than simply a definition.”

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For your final project, you will submit an essay in which you reflect on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and how they apply to real – life situations. Throughout the course, you will develop a leadership development action plan to outline how you will use the five practices to improve the three areas of leadership you will identify in Module One. In Modules Three and Five, you will complete milestone assignments that will help you assemble your final deliverable in Module Seven. These milestone assignments are short paper s that will summarize the progress you have made on your leadership development action plan. In Module Seven, you will reflective essay that will allow you to put into practice the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as well as the leadership theories and approaches covered in the course. Note that the milestone assignments do not specifically address the last of the five practices (Encourage the Heart) , but you will do so as part of the final project .  

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