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I need a couple of things within this document. I asked my professor for feedback before submitting it and this

I need a couple of things within this document. I asked my professor for feedback before submitting it and this

was his response:

“I looked at your second submission and your regression analysis looks good, but your descriptive statistics and ANOVA need to include the 2009 – 2010 data. Also, you don’t need to perform the t-test for the 2006 data as that was already done in the addendum. Instead, you need to perform the t-test on the 2010 data. Again, you’ll find the 2009-2010 data (as well as the 2006-2008 data) in the A-Cat Corp.: Forecasting document.
You also need to more specifically address some the requirements given in the rubric. Your discussion of the category of data is good but you need to discuss the family of statistical tools, what the most appropriate tool is and why, and what quantitative method you used and why. These should all be discussed before you analyze the data.
I would recommend you go through the rubric carefully and make sure each critical element is covered. It may help to organize the paper and your thoughts and writing if you used headings.”

Please view the addendum at this link:

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-Please edit this while including the 2009-2010 Data. 

-Create a new spreadsheet with the updated information. 

-Edit the paper using the rubric while using headings for each category within the rubric. 

-Review the other information that my professor gave. 

I’ve attached the document attached as: “Milestone Two.docx
I have attached the Excel File (Which needs to be fixed while adding the 2009-2010 data) as: Milestone 2.xls

The rubric is attached as:  qso510_milestone_two_guidelines_and_rubric (1).pdf

Please make everything ORIGINAL and cite all of your sources. 

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