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humanities 36

In this Assignment, we will examine the myth of “Allegory of the Cave” from Plato’s Republic and apply it to your own lives. In order to complete this Assignment, you will first need to read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” (consult the Reading page in the unit). Utilize the Unit 2 Assignment template in Doc Sharing to complete the assignment.

  • First, summarize your interpretation of Plato’s work from the reading. What happens? Describe the main points.

  • Next, consider a time when you may have been “in the cave.” Perhaps you have been freed from first impressions, false generalizations, or stereotypes. Perhaps you have a belief that you had to re-examine in the face of contradictory evidence, or one strengthened by new information. Explain how you think this instance is similar to Plato’s work. Be specific and make the connections clear.

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As you brainstorm these experiences that parallel to “The Allegory of the Cave”, remember that the Assignment should demonstrate your understanding of Plato’s work. Sources are required for this Assignment. In addition to referencing the Reading (Chapter 2 and Plato’s “Allegory”), cite other credible sources that support your main points of discussion and your overall proposition. Be sure to cite them using the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Course Home.

The Assignment should be 500–750 words and submitted using the Unit 2 Assignment template in Doc Sharing. Follow the formatting guidelines put forth by the APA 6th edition style of writing, and structure your thoughts in essay format – introductory paragraph and thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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