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HP 620 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

HP 620 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

Prompt: Select the organization you would like to analyze in part two of the final project using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database. Present your proposal to the instructor for approval to ensure that you will have access to sufficient financial information on the healthcare organization to complete the final project. In your proposal, address the following elements:

· What organization is the focus of your report?

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· Analyze the organization by identifying the sub-industry or type of organization it belongs to (e.g., home care, hospital) and the financial background of the organization.

 · Based upon the information you researched in Module Two, is the organization you selected a nonprofit or for-profit?

 · Finally, considering the sub-industry your organization belongs to, what kind of impact do the economic principles of demand and market/consumer behavior have on this organization’s financial statements? For example, do the statements reflect a spike on revenue during the winter due to increased injuries and accidents related to ice?

· Support your proposal with a minimum of two cited sources.

Could you please incorporate these steps into the previous work done. Seems like I go too fast. Since you have already done the job, it would be easier for you to follow these steps and make it happen. Attached is the document you will incorporate these steps into.

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