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Homework: 6-1 MyFinanceLab Assignment Score:

Homework: 6-1 MyFinanceLab Assignment Score: Dof1 pt 4 100t12t10oompleta)v ) HWSoom?5%, 90f12 pt ® P5—34 (similar to) 55 Question Help a [Related to Checkpoint 6.1} (Annuity payments] Lisa Simpson wants to have $1,600,000 in 55 years by making equal annual end-of—flte-year deposits into a
tax-deferred account paying 8.75 percent annually. What must Lisa’s annual deposit be? The amount of Lisa’s annual deposit must be $ 135226504 _ (Round to the nearest cent.) Enter your answer In the answer box and then click Check Newer. c mlpamhownns — olaamn -| 4 >

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