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Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity



This paper will address Hinduism and Christianity in relation of how they answer existential questions and the afterlife. Additionally, we will look at both religions by bringing to light key beliefs, figures, and the importance of religion influencing culture and social customs.

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Creation Myths and Religion

A.    Existence and Beliefs of Hinduism-polytheistic

1.      Creation mythologies

2.      Reincarnation

a.       Karma

b.      Moksha

c.       Dharma

                                                              i.      Moral code

B.     Existence and Beliefs of Christianity-monotheistic

1.      Creation mythologies

a.       Symbolism of The Cross

b.      Original Sin

2.      Pain and suffering

a.       Irenean theory- spiritual growth necessary though suffering to become more God-like

b.      Result of Original Sin

c.       Augustinian theory- man brought evil into world.

d.      Cannot understand God’s will

3.      Ten Commandments

a.       Moral code


Hinduism and Christianity have some similar beliefs, but they are very different religions. For example, the creation stories that explain how the universe came into existence to what happens to our souls after death, even the moral codes of conduct as well as the sacred texts and teachings of both religion, and the sects are extremely different in Hinduism from Christianity.


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a.       Annotation: I plan on using this resource for my final paper comparing Hinduism and Christianity because it offers a lot or pertinent information regarding both religions and their individual beliefs.

MOFFITT, J. (n.d.). CHRISTIANITY CONFRONTS HINDUISM. Retrieved from theological studies:

  1. Annotation: In this article, authors say that In all actuality, the fundamental significance of Christianity to each reflection on human presence, and particularly all alone presence, on the presence of the man. Who himself exists and tries to experience being as the subject of his reality, is that Christianity cases to have changed. The significance of presence. It guarantees this by affirming that its particular weight had destined man’s existence, that it had been irritated from its absolute sense, that it had swerved from its natural course until decisively the initiation of Christianity by Christ the Son of God (MOFFITT).

House, H. W. (n.d.). Resurrection, Reincarnation, and Humanness. Retrieved from house:

The Greek expression palingenesis, or “beginning once more,” demonstrates one’s physical birth is a “beginning once more,” or another opening stage for something that had another cause beforehand. Metempsychosis is a term used to depict the great Greek thought that the spirit or soul changes the shape or body, through which it communicates. Resurrection is the name well-known to generally Western laypersons. Its strict signifying, “enfleshing once more,” depicts the spirit’s go from one physical lifetime to another. In contemporary utilization, this term more often than not alludes to the spirits go from one human body to another, not to that of a creature or lifeless question (House).

GEORGE H. SAVARD, A. (n.d.). CHRISTIANITY AND THE PHILOSOPHIES OF. Retrieved from theologicalstudies:

Following twenty-five years as an individual from a Hindu ascetic arrange, I found that Jesus Christ had a different significance for me, a Westerner, far beyond the significance Hinduism gave Him. In turning into a Catholic, be that as it may, I didn’t think that it’snecessary to deny the importance of the confidence to which I had so since quite a while ago followed. It was in this manner with the best suspicion that I discovered that the records of Vatican II were to incorporate a Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions. When I got a duplicate of the Declaration, I was quite frustrated. Here is the thing that I read about my previous religion: “In this manner in Hinduism men think about the excellent puzzle and express it through an unspent productivity of myths and through seeking philosophical request. They look for discharge from the anguish of our condition through ascetical practices or profound contemplation or a cherishing, confiding in flight toward God” (GEORGE H. TAVARD).

SIVANANDA, S. S. (n.d.). ALL ABOUT HINDUISM. Retrieved from dlshq:

The word Religion originates from the Latin word religio which comprises of two words, viz., re (back) and ligare (to bring or tie). That which ties the spirit back to God is religion. Religion demonstrates the route for the fulfillment of God-acknowledgment. Religion fulfills the profound internal needing in man who is not generally content with driving simply a creature presence and needs otherworldly comfort, comfort and peace. Man can’t live by bread alone. A period comes in the life of a large portion of us when insignificant common thriving does not fulfill us and we crave in the wake of something more. On account of some more, hardships of life turn their thoughtfulness regarding otherworldly comfort. Hinduism is the religion of the Hindus, a name given to the Universal Religion which hailed preeminent in India. It is the most established of every living religion. This is not established by any prophet. Buddhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism owe their root to the prophets. Their dates are settled (SIVANANDA).

bc. (n.d.). An Introduction to Christian Theology . Retrieved from bc:

This paper gives an introduction on the nuts and bolts of Christian religious philosophy as it is comprehended in the American setting. It clarifies the real convictions or conventions that are by and large acknowledged by all Christians while likewise highlighting the religious assorted qualities of the Christian places of worship. At the end of the day, albeit all Christians hold fast to the tenets talked about here, different gatherings of Christians frequently decipher these principles in an unexpected wayThis paper consequently gives a vital supplement to alternate papers in the Boisi Focus arrangement. Specifically, since religious convictions what’s more, religious practices dependably illuminate each other, perusing this paper together with the paper on Religious Practice in the United States is suggested. The paper starts with a brief authentic layout of the beginnings and major divisions of Christianity. It then condenses the Christian convictions in God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the Bible and specialist, sin and compromise, holy observances, profound practices, and moral living (bc).

DOBRIN, A. (2002). RELIGIOUS ETHICS. Retrieved from files:

This is an uncommonly high number, regardless of the possibility that one rebates the way that many related to a religion may not be dynamic members or even devotees to the center fundamentals of the religion. A reality of human presence is that religion is about all around, profoundly installed in methods of thought, craftsmanship and creation. It is difficult to consider Western culture without its Jewish and Christian impacts, the Arabic world without Islam, India without Hinduism and East Asia without Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. The substance of humankind would be not really unmistakable without the highlights of religion.The pervasiveness of religion may demonstrate that there is something about human instinct that inclines us to be religious being. This leaves the need we need to make arrange out of disarray. There is an apparently unending welter of data in the earth, so the cerebrum shapes designs, which thusly turn into the accounts, stories and hypotheses that help manage us in our survival (DOBRIN, 2002).


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