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Sample articles that involve information systems (but don’t report on one of these—find your own!)

Follow the guidelines outlined here for your report.  Grades for each guideline will be assigned considering relevance, thoroughness, organization, grammar, and spelling.


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Report Title (Ti) – (5 points)

Cite the title(s), author(s), and source(s) of the article(s) (hereafter, simply article) you’re reporting.   Use a common citation format such as APA, Chicago, or MLA.

Topic (To) – (5 points)

What is the topic of your article?

What makes it current?

How does it relate to information systems?

Simply repeating the title does not count as stating the topic.

Summary (S) – (10 points)

One paragraph minimum.

4-7 complete sentences.

Summarize the main ideas of the article in your own words.

Analysis (A) – (10 points)

Take a position on the event described in the article. 

What do you think/how do you feel about this event?

Impact (Im) (5 points)

How does this event impact the environment in which it occurred?

How does this event affect people living in that particular area?

Five sentences minimum.

Illustration(s) (ll)– (5 points) 

Add illustration(s) (i.e. graphics or pictures) from the article or other relevant sources.

Describe what each illustration shows.

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