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Hi there!I am simply looking for someone to proofread, edit and add information that i've included in my


Hi there!I am simply looking for someone to proofread, edit and add information that i’ve included in my

original paper- based on the critique (below) while using the rubric, case study and addendum. The first response that I received on this made absolutely no sense so I just wanted to be sure that you knew that you are adding/editing my original submission based on the critique.

The original questions was:
 “Submit a paper that describes the scenario provided in the final project case study, identifies quantifiable factors that may affect operational performance, develops a problem statement, and proposes a strategy for resolving a company’s problem. “
I have attached this paper (which is the one that needs edited) below as A-Cat.doc

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Here is what my professor responded with as a critique:

Excellent job on the Module Three Milestone One assignment, Jessica! For the Final Project assignment, be sure to provide more background on the company (see the A-Cat Corp.: Forecasting document) and to more clearly identify the quantifiable factors based on the data available and the under and overstocking issues. For the statistical analyses you’ll be doing for Milestone Two, be sure to focus on the statistical analysis requirements outlined in the addendum:

  1. The addendum shows the descriptive statistics for 2006 and then states:
    1. “The operations manager is assigned the task of developing descriptive statistics for the remaining years, 2007–2010, that are to be submitted to the quality control department.”
  2. The addendum shows the results of a t-test for 2006 data and then states:
    1. “She believes that the mean number of transformers required exceeds 1000 transformers and decides to test this using the most recent (2010) data.”
  3. The addendum describes an ANOVA for 2006-2008 data and then states:
    1. “Mittra has now provided her with the remaining two years of data (2009 and 2010) and would like to know if the mean number of transformers required has changed over the period 2006–2010.”
  4. The addendum then states:
    1. “Finally, the operations manager is tasked with developing a model for forecasting transformer requirements based on sales of refrigerators.”
    2. After this, the addendum provides the data for the sales of refrigerators and transformer requirements.

To address these requirements, you must use the data in the addendum and in Exhibits 1 and 2 on p. 4 in the A-Cat Corp.: Forecasting document. Also work on properly citing your sources (see the Citing Your Sources section of the SNHU Shapiro Library) and on improving your writing skills (see SNHU Online Writing Center and the SmarThinking resources).

Please help me edit the A-Cat.doc using the critique (shown above) given by my professor. I’ve also attached the addendum. 

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