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hello is it possible for anyone proof read my final paper


hello is it possible for anyone proof read my final paper?

style=”color:rgb(34,34,34);”>                                                           Introduction The purpose of this case study is to identify the organization that arises within the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant, between management and employees. The issues that are arising within the organization cannot be overlooked. Management needs to take the appropriate actions to solve the situation. By pinpointing the root of the issues, they will give the organization the opportunity to develop an effective approach. It can potentially help the company improve the current plan, simply by implementing a new plan where the team can meet monthly expectations. This study will provide an overview of techniques that will be used by applying the human behavior theories. Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant was a privately-owned company located in Richmond, Indiana where they manufactured mirrors for automobiles and trucks. The plant employed more than 200 employees, which was ran by plant manager Ron Bent and his assistant Joe Haley. In 2005 Ron Bent was forced to lay off 46 employees. By 2007 the administration was faced with a crisis. This is a company that gave their employees incentives and bonuses. At that time, they struggled to give out bonuses under the Scanlon Plan for 7 months. This was a principal were contributions to employee’s morale were being lowered, and created a negative work environment. The Scanlon Plan was put into place to boost employee’s morale, increasing productivity, etc. Employees became frustrated and felt they were treated unfairly due to these events. A significate change had occurred, the employees signed the deal and it effectively worked a lot better. The communication with management had become much clearer.
This can be viewed as one of the major factors, that crippled upward communication within the company. When you are not being paid the bonuses, they had agreed too. It is hard to sustain a working relationship with management. Employees and managers has to be on the same page to ensure business goes accordingly. This problem is deeper than just communication, it decreases productivity and the company’s legacy. Root Cause Case Study Analysis Organizational issues within the Engstrom plant came about due to multiple reasons. Looking at employee satisfaction, lack of trust in management, and an overall decline in productivity and quality in production. These are things that can be looked at as human behavior affecting the overall company. Communication with management can be viewed as a root cause of the issues that have arisen within the company. This is where human behavior can be viewed as a critical part of running a business. All involved in the business should always be able to have a good understanding of what’s going on. When people are managed by a bad manager its causes some individuals work productivity to decrease.
I believe the company had great intentions to make employees happy but some things just did not go as planned. The Scanlon Plan was brought to the Engstrom Auto Plant to provide employees with incentives and monthly bonuses for going above and beyond for the company. Everyone was happy with the Scanlon Plan as it first was introduced but as time went on that was not the case. Over time to plan would fail, employees of the plant became dissatisfied with upper management and the quality of work began to decline. Employees felt management failed to explain The Scanlon Plan to the best of their knowledge.
 Open communication this is the best way to communicate between employees and management.  The Human issue here I would say would have to be the communication. Open communication leads to overall employee satisfaction, organizations will strive the best when an employee can speak to his or her manager with no issue and vice versa. (Troppello 2015)  Poor communication comes from the top and it’s very difficult for employees to understand what’s going on if the boss is not explaining all details. According to Newstrom a few positive traits in leadership are Inclusion and intentionally. Inclusion is when employees feel like they are respected and treated equal across the company. Employees also have access to opportunities and resources the company has to offer. Intentionally is making the company’s goal clear to all employees by the employer. Both of these traits could have helped Engstrom Auto Plant during their decline. The trait that was neglected most I would have to say would be “Inclusion”. Employees did not feel respected and they were more so mislead. When Engstrom Auto Plant decided to implement a new incentive plan they should have ensured that all details were made fully accessible for all employees to fully understand. I’m sure employees would have appreciated the open communication surrounding their benefits. Employees will feel like employers are misleading them and that will play a role in the productivity (Switch & Shift 2017). Some may not give their all at work if they are unhappy and provide the bare minimum to get by. The lack of trust in management will lead to the organizational issue. The policy’s put in place by the company were not explained the best so it caused friction between employees and management. At first the employees were given incentives, but as time passed they were no longer rewarded. The employee’s performance has changed due to sudden changes and they lost the motivation they once had. To see progress continuous reinforcement is needed in order increase employee motivation. One of the benefits employees had were getting bonuses monthly. As they cut down on the monthly bonuses they felt as if it was not necessary to continue to go above and beyond. Employees struggled to adjust to the changes because they viewed it as a compensation. We can compare the monetary reward using to motivate Engstrom employees to the equity model, which means the employees want their reward system to be fair Newstroms model reviews the idea of over and under-reward. When an employee is given an incentive for being an over achiever they will continue to work just as hard to demonstrate goal has been met. Providing the employees with extra bonuses monthly helped with productivity, staff morale and work ethic. The model suggests that if an employee is under-rewarded it is possible that it will screw with their work performance. Solutions Development The Engstrom Auto Mirror plant faced a lot of issues surrounding overall employee satisfaction. The workers morale was very low which lead to the decline of productivity and quality of goods. These issues came about when the company was unable to produce the bonuses they promise to employees for meeting performance goals. The Scanlon plan was put in place to encourage employees to provide suggestions to be overlooked by management to establish a clear communication. What was viewed to be served as a connection for communication between employees and management failed due to poor communication on management’s behalf. Instead of increasing employee’s motivation and morale, it began to decline. Employees began to think management was purposely doing something so they would not be provided their monthly bonuses.  There are Multiple different strategies management can look at to see what could have been done different within the Engstrom Auto Mirror plant to improve employee’s morale and increase production. Employees morale can be improved by applying the Hertzberg’s Two Factor Theory of motivation.  This theory is looked at to motivate employees by making them feel supported and appreciated. Also states make sure your employees understand how they can grow and progress through the company. Described in the hygiene factors if the motivational factors are ignored the same problems that have occurred within the Engstrom Auto Mirror plant are likely to continue.
           The main change the company should address is looking into the Scanlon Plan, this can be viewed as the root of all problems. Employees worked even harder to meet goals and were not rewarded in a timely fashion or if at all. The plan created negative tension between management and employees even though management did rely a lot on motivating employees through the Scanlon Plan. A Recent study shown that happiness led to a 12% boost in productivity while unhappy workers were 10% less productive. (Dodson 2015) According to the research team “We find that human happiness has a large and positive casual effect on productivity. positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.”
The Scanlon Plan had positive intentions, that just so happen to be poorly executed.  If management had middle person to serve as a link between employees I believe things would have went a lot more smoothly. A person that would be able to listen to employee’s suggestions and then report back to management. The biggest overall issue to me is misleading employee’s management needs to figure out what that incentive plan is and provide the information thoroughly to employees.  As mentioned earlier employees do not like to be misled, which leads to the decrease in productivity and overall employee morale. 
Workplace AnalysisBackground The workplace analysis I will provide is based on of a rental car company I was employed by for over 6 years. This company is a top rental car company all over the world. Issues still arise within a successful company and multiple factors can cause that.  In this company, poor management was the blame for a lot of negative things that happened. I started off as a service agent, my responsibility was to prepare cars for in come customers. Things seemed great, I rarely seen any issues amongst coworkers. As I received a promotion to work with customers directly I seen a complete different side of the company.  Communication   I notice very quickly that communication was definitely an issue between management and the employees.  Management were paid a base salary plus commission while other employees were paid a standard hourly rate. The motivation of employees was   solely based upon the allusion that they would get their own store someday and be able to do the same. According to Newstrom employees in each company have four essential needs they want met by management. The needs are job instruction, feedback from management, company news updates and social support.  I feel like job instructions and company news updates were strengths of this company. This company was always providing newsletters and emails for updates within the company, so employees were very informed.  Management didn’t really have to explain the job do to an intensive month training, but provided help as needed. At the same time this brings me to my negatives because some managers would only provide feedback if it was affecting their salary.  The issue was not wanting an employee to move up and take a management position due to the very few positions that were available.  I can’t say all but a lot of managers with the company were all about themselves so that effected communication with employees because it became more of a competition instead of work.Empowerment To build a strong team of employees you must find ways to keep your employees thriving. Empowering them in some capacity could just be the key to boosting morale in your company. Empowerment was not a strong feature of this company, in fact from my prospective it was poor. Employees were not able to make their own decisions with customer transactions. Everything was ran by management or had to be authorized by them.  Some managers discouraged employees instead of making them feel independent to maintain their own job security. Empowered employees are more likely to provide better customer service, be more productive, and go the extra mile. Seeing that this business is customer service based the three things I listed would help any manager achieve their goals. Some managers just must put their ego to the side for a better ran company. (Marketing 2018)Motivation Employees began to see how managers were within the company and their motivation took a huge hit. An article I came across stated companies should offer opportunities for advancement. This companies offers advancement but not many positions to go around. Employees want to also know they are working towards something and are not just working a dead-end job. (Jacoby 2017) This company also struggled with incentives for their employees. Pay was very low while the company was ranked #1 rental car company in world.  Employees would sell insurance, road side assistance, and fuel during a transaction to not even be acknowledged. I feel if you meet goals you should be rewarded is some way. These things lead to the high turnover within the company due to the motivational factors.

ImpactManagement creating a work environment where employees don’t feel appreciated. Management was only interested in how much employees can make them in sales so they have a bigger payday. Employees didn’t have the proper opportunity to advance so that ultimately lead to employees leaving the company. The low pay and the inability to move up was too much for most to deal with. A lot of employees to lower paying jobs but with opportunity to advance in the company.

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