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Felicia & Fred

‘Felicia & Fred recently hired a new designer who has considerable experience in product development of handbags and small leather goods. The intent was for the designer to initially work with the company’s innovation team to introduce a gift with purchase (GWP): a logo wristlet purse that can accommodate a Smartphone. This GWP will be offered as a limited edition during the holiday season and customers or recipients will be encouraged through social media to participate in a survey regarding the product to determine future potential demand for handbags and other small leather goods bearing the Felicia & Fred logo.

The potential inclusion of handbags as part of the company’s product will require significant addition to the total value of Felicia & Fred’s working capital. The entire mix of assets and liabilities as part of the balance sheet might change.

Consider the following:

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Question 1

Name three working capital elements that may change as a result of expansion into a new product line. Select one of these working capital elements and indicate why this element will change under the proposed program.   Also within this selected element what are some of the issues Felicia and Fred can do to optimally manage?  What are the risks of poor management of the element you selected?

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