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Experiment: Effect of low pH on Enzyme’s

Experiment: Effect of low pH on Enzyme’s activityDateIntroductionEnzyme’s activity might get influenced owing to several factors such as; pH, temperatureetc. How pH affects the action of enzyme it may be understood through addition of acid and base(in the form of food) in reaction mixture or by encouraging direct reaction between enzyme andfood stuff(Eswar et al., 2008).ObjectiveRecognition of impact of low pH on the activity of enzyme.Material RequiredYeast, H2O2,Fresh meat (fish) means; acidic food, Fresh vegetable (potato) means;alkaline food, Scaled Beaker and Dropper and so on.HypothesisLow pH can affect enzyme’s activity.Hypothesis TestingCatalase enzyme reacts on its substrate in the following manner:H2O2= H2O+1/2O2

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