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Essay Topics & Ideas It is a bitter truth

Essay Topics & Ideas

It is a bitter truth that not every student is blessed with a great creative sense, and naturally, they don’t know where to go with their requirements. From elementary school level to high school, essays are crucial parts of every student’s life. And most schools and colleges in Australia and UK have strict guidelines on an essay assignments.

Most teachers and professors don’t prefer to read the same old essays with restricted structure. They always look for the best unique essay that starts with a great topic selection. Choosing the best essay topics and ideas takes a vital place in your gradation.

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How To Choose The Best Essay Topics?

Do you feel tired while searching for an essay topic for your English or computer science assignment? You are not the one who feels agitated while creating a great essay topic.

Sometimes you are assigned a topic, and sometimes you have to choose your own topic. But both times, you have to be innovative. Your chosen topic should be impressive, unique and relevant.

According to our essay experts, there are several ways to choose the best essay topics:

 Choose Familiar Topic

You must pick a topic that you are aware of. The benefit of doing this is that you can spend less time researching the subject since most of the information is already in your head. It is always easier to work on a familiar topic so that you can include something extra.

Choose An Interesting Topic

The great thing about choosing an interesting topic is that you are already keen on the topic, and whenever your teacher goes through your essay, they can clearly see your hard work. Most readers actually train their minds whether or not to a read a paper just based on the topic.

Precise Your Topic

Instead of choosing a topic covering a huge subject area, try to narrow it down.

Suppose you are writing about computer science- then choose something that sums up computer science and its prospectus or the computer science and its invention.

Recycling Your Topic

You can represent one topic in millions of ways, and it depends on your creativity, knowledge and writing skill. It is okay to use a topic you have previously submitted. You can just take the concept from it and present it another way. You can also hire professional essay writer for essay help.

Essay Topics By Category

Before choosing the best essay topic for you, you should know all the variety of essays existing at academic levels.

Persuasive Writing

persuasive essay is about yourself, your life, thoughts and experiences. Here, you will give readers a small highlight of your life experiences and life struggle and success. There are various reasons you may need to pen down your personal thoughts.

Expository Writing

Expository writing means exposing facts.

It is the writing where it explains and educates your readers rather than entertaining them. When you write an expository essay, you must research deeply.

Descriptive Writing

As its name implies, descriptive writing is writing where the writer describes their experience, person, scenic beauty, or something else. Here, the writer should have good imagination power to put their thoughts into words.

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing means conversational content. You must make a good conversation with more than one or two people.

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Cause And Effect Essay Topics

Know some essay topics on cause and effect:

  1. Greenhouse effect caused by water vapour
  2. Cause and effect of using smartphones and electronic gadgets
  3. Effects of population density on human occupancy
  4. The civil right movements and its cause
  5. Putin’s politics against Ukraine
  6. Growing up with a single father/mother
  7. Social media and its effects on young students
  8. Global competition and its effect on student’s life
  9. Internet influence on kids
  10. How globalisation affects the economy

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do you think college education should be free?
  2. What is the best way to change positive conversation about controversial issues?
  3. Do you rely on that our modern perspective changes the real facts of what happened during major historical events?
  4. Is healthcare a basic human right?
  5. Are schools doing enough to stop bullying?
  6. Are burgers bad for your health, and why?
  7. Do you think that smartphones should be allowed in school?
  8. Is it best to read fiction or nonfiction?
  9. Do you think school education is needed to be a good human being?
  10. Are beauty contestants a great idea to define beauty?

Narrative Essay Topics

Some narrative essay topics and personal, and some are fictional:

  1. A funny story from your childhood memories
  2. Your first day in your school
  3. Losing your best friend
  4. Moving into the new city
  5. A story helping a poor beggar
  6. A story about when you lost your precious thing
  7. An unforgettable vacation
  8. A life lesson you have learned recently
  9. A tragic incident in your life
  10. Your favourite person

Research Essay Topics

  1. Computer science and coding
  2. Online marketing and its future
  3. Cyber security
  4. E-business
  5. Freelancing
  6. White collar Vs. Blue Collar
  7. Drug legalisation
  8. Patriot Acts
  9. Police Brutality in the USA
  10. Three strikes law

Informative Essay Topics

  1. AI and its upcoming usages
  2. Endangered species
  3. Hurricanes in Japan
  4. Neural energy
  5. Deforestation
  6. Conservation
  7. Greenhouse effect
  8. Smog in London
  9. Radioactive waste disposal
  10. Population control

Expository Essay Topics

  1. Death penalty: should we get rid of it?
  2. How can people stop racism and sexism?
  3. Consequences of applying gun control
  4. Divorce: how does it affect a kid’s mental situation?
  5. Why is fast food harmful?
  6. Does music therapy work for the human mind?
  7. Can the World Health organisation cure COVID 19?
  8. What is the relation between poverty and education?
  9. How should international student lead their lives?
  10. Are heroism and patriotism natural things in terms of mental health?

Definition Essay Topics

  1. The connection between love and compassion
  2. The most powerful feeling in the world
  3. What is parental love?
  4. How can you define the mutual relationship between man and woman?
  5. What is devotion to pets?
  6. The correlation between love and passion
  7. The consequences of toxic love
  8. The impact of family on education and professional life
  9. The role of television in family communication
  10. Family values have changed today: why?

Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The house of your dream
  2. Your best person in the world
  3. Your first vacation with family
  4. Your passion
  5. Your favourite TV character
  6. Your first childhood memory
  7. Your first flight
  8. Your longest vacation
  9. Your dream job
  10. Meeting with your best friend

Process Essay Topics

  1. How to make tea
  2. How to win a game of Chinese checker
  3. How to find a perfect roommate
  4. How to finish your assignment within two days
  5. How to avoid anxiety and nervousness before an exam
  6. How to bathe a dog
  7. How to survive in pandemic
  8. How to travel alone
  9. How to survive as a part-time worker
  10. How to get what you want through complaining

Personal Essay Topics

Here are some topics suggested by our expert essay writers:

  1. Your fondest memory of childhood
  2. Your latest memory of the holiday celebration
  3. Your biggest failure
  4. A book that changed your life
  5. If you could fly someday
  6. A quote that makes you believe in yourself
  7. If you could live anywhere
  8. The most beautiful person you have seen
  9. An accident that changed everything
  10. Your secret talent

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Are dress codes a great idea for college students?
  2. Does your school support bullying?
  3. What should the punishment for cheating in the exam hall be?
  4. Should homework be required?
  5. Does college start too early in the morning?
  6. What is better: noodles or pizza?
  7. Should sugary drinks be allowed to kids?
  8. What is the best food served at a party?
  9. Should pets be allowed on flights?
  10. What animal makes you scared?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Traditional learning or online classes
  2. Virtual meatus or physically meeting
  3. Getting part time jobs Vs. freelancing at home
  4. Public college Vs. private college
  5. Medicinal cure or natural cure
  6. Plastic surgery or natural beauty
  7. Mobile phones or tablets
  8. To be on social media or not
  9. Film or series
  10. E-books Vs. Textbooks

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Third World War
  2. Death penalty
  3. Consuming alcohol
  4. Computer games and crime
  5. Globalisation
  6. Media and fake news
  7. Yellow journalism
  8. TV shows and their diversity
  9. Physical punishment by parents
  10. The toxic environment at home

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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Where are all the mismatched gloves gone?
  2. Why do teenagers need special attention from their parents?
  3. Why do you need your morning coffee?
  4. Why do you love your first name?
  5. Why do you love K-pop music?
  6. Why do people love to watch Netflix series?
  7. The worst song you have heard
  8. Why you love Email spam
  9. Why bracing is fun?
  10. Why dog kisses are fun?


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