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please help – i need just two paragraphs that follow the guidelines below. I have attached a draft of my paper. 

Introduction: Your introduction paragraph will summarize the main points of your essay and lead into your thesis statement. It must include the following:

A. Identify your chosen research question. Your research question must center on a specific historical event.

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B. Discuss the purpose of the essay in broad terms. Your discussion should include why the research question you chose is worth investigating in terms of its significance to the larger historical time period.

Conclusion: In your conclusion, while you cannot introduce new information, you can sum up your essay with a thought-provoking discussion related to your topic. For example, you might comment on the significance of historical study generally, or make a “call to arms” inviting the reader to take some sort of action as a result of understanding the new perspective you have presented. No matter your approach, your conclusion must include the following: Write a clear conclusion where your thesis is restated in different words and the major points of your essay are summarized. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW

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